MILK FOR THE SNAKES is a comic set in 1800's fantasy finno-scandinavia about two entities fighting over claim of a small village
& the inhabitants of it being used as pawns in this battle,
bodyhorror, sex and finding the courage to reach for your desires.
i have been working on the story of milk for the snakes on and off since 2016 and im happy to be drawing it for you, today.

this website acts as a hub of reading but lacks an actual archive.
if you're looking for a specific page to look at again, i recommend these other platforms for reading it

twitter - tapastic - webtoon

due to content rules, milk for the snakes is fully uncensored with its R18 content intact only on this website and on twitter.

for more information about my process of how i ended up working on my comic, you can check out my self-published little booklet over at my online store